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Wildflowers of the Susquehanna

Dates:April 23, 2016
Meets:Sa from 8 AM to 3:30 PM
Location:Main House Gardens
Instructor:Karen Travers
Fee: $75.00

The diverse, sheltered habitats of the Susquehanna River watershed support a wealth of unique wildflowers and wildlife in the piedmont of upper Maryland. Explore this expansive display of spring ephemerals as you walk along a section of the Susquehanna and Tidewater Canal through drifts of Dutchman's breeches, Virginia bluebells, toothwort, creeping phlox, and an unusual trillium species. Learn about the plant ecology of this region, its historic mills, and the importance of preserving this landscape of exceptional flora for migrating birds and indigenous fauna. Bring your lunch, binoculars if you have them, and wear sturdy shoes for an easy hike.

Register early, as class size is limited. Information on travel arrangements will be provided upon registration. If you wish to reserve space in Mt. Cuba Center's van, please call 302-239-8807.  

This class qualifies for the following professional credits: 2 APLD, 1 DNLA, 4 NJNLA, 4 NOFA, and 6 PLNA.

This course has been cancelled. Please review our other course listings for topics of interest.