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Getting Started with Vellum

Dates:January 23, 2020
Meets:Th from 10 AM to 3:30 PM
Location:Main House Wet Lab
Instructor:Margaret Saylor
Fee: $75.00

Unlike the stark white of paper, vellum has a warm color ranging from pale off-white to a rich honey. Additionally, the surface variation present in vellum results in a uniquely textured finished product. Learn very basic tips and techniques for painting on vellum, starting with simple exercises on vellum scraps. Margaret discusses how paint and vellum work together and demonstrations building color and form. Finish by painting a simple drawing on vellum.  

Please bring your lunch.

A 5" x 7" piece of calfskin vellum (a natural product) can be purchased from the instructor for approximately $25, payable the day of class.

If you already have a piece of vellum, please bring it to class. If you want to purchase one prior to class, please be sure it is the true, natural product, and not vellum finish tracing paper or illustration board. This is one source online of the vellum that will be used in class:


  • your favorite watercolor palette of colors
  • brushes, including a #4 DaVinci or Raphael #8408 Kolinsky sable
  • graphite pencils
  • a piece of white foam core approx 8 x 10 or larger
  • tape
  • a white plate or porcelain palette for making color skins
  • a dried or fresh subject, small and simple, that you love

  • (Snow Date: Thursday, January 30)

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