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Grow Your Own Mushrooms

Dates:April 4, 2020
Meets:Sa from 10 AM to 12 N
Location:Main House Lecture Room 1
Instructor:William Needham
Fee: $45.00

Fungi are fundamental to the ecology of forested habitats, and the spore-bearing mushrooms that sprout have long elicited interest. Many, such as shiitake and hen-of-the-woods, offer proteins, vitamins, and minerals that compare well with other foods, even meats. William Needham, President of the Mycological Association of Washington, explains the fascinating life cycle of mushrooms and shows you how to grow your own edible species using a "log-seeding" technique. Leave with a package of spores and a log to start your own mushroom farm at home this spring.   

This class has been cancelled. Click this link for more information.

This course has been cancelled. Please review our other course listings for topics of interest.