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Eileen Boyle
Eileen is the Director of Conservation and Research at Mt. Cuba Center. She loves teaching, especially about plants and their relationships with birds and butterflies. Previously, she was the Director of Horticulture at the Philadelphia Zoo and the New York Botanical Garden.

Vic Piatt
Vic is a graduate of Longwood Gardens Professional Gardener Program. He has worked at Mt. Cuba Center for 24 years, where he has held many positions including Plant Evaluation Gardener and Rock Outcrop/Scree Gardens Horticulturist. Vic is now the Gardens Manager.

Marcie Weigelt
Marcie is the Lower Naturalistic Gardens Horticulturist at Mt. Cuba Center where she develops, maintains, and showcases our exceptional pond landscapes. She is also an experienced and avid moss and fern gardener.

Erin McCormick
Erin is an Associate Horticulturist in the Lower Naturalistic of Mt. Cuba Center and a member of the Plant Health Team. She is a graduate of the Longwood Gardens Professional Gardener Program and has over 15 years of experience.

Susan Boss
Sue is the Mt. Cuba Center Entrance Garden Horticulturist responsible for the gardens along the entrance drive. Previously, she was a gardener at Winterthur Museum, Garden and Library for 11 years.

Margaret Shillingford
Margaret is the Education Programs Specialist at Mt. Cuba Center and a former docent. She earned her masters in education from Wilmington University, is passionate about conserving the environment, and is fascinated by plants.

Jimmy Testa
Jimmy is the Woods Path Horticulturist/IPM Liaison for Mt. Cuba Center and a graduate of Longwood Gardens Professional Gardeners Training Program. His professional background includes propagation, arboriculture, and pest management.