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Sara Setzer
Sara is a fiber artist, who concentrates in the art of felt work, specifically nuno and wet felting. Felting captured Sara's attention around 2010 when introduced to it by a friend.

The bulk of Sara's work is creating scarves, wraps, collars and capelets though she makes many other 'wooly creations' too. Most items are hand dyed by the artist or eco dyed/printed using natural materials and leaves. Inspired by nature and the world around her she tries to create wearable, functional art that has lots of texture and a one of a kind look from an art form that is rarely seen anymore.

The Nuno Felting technique is relatively new, and was developed by an Australian fiber artist named Polly Stirling in 1992. Nuno is actually the Japanese word for cloth, and the technique binds loose fibers (usually wool), into sheer fibers (like silk in this case) to create an extremely comfortably and light weight felt.

Eco printing is a form of dyeing where leaves are used to make prints on fabric. Not all leaves will eco print, there is a lot of trial and error to find which leaves will work the best. Sara also likes to use other natural items like onion skins, avocado seeds and peels and rust to create unique designs.